Monday, June 11, 2007

What Holds the Republican party together?

We've had this discussion before; Democrats are made up of a lot of little groups and organizations, Republicans are more homogeneous, having two main parts. The Blue Bloods and the Social Conservatives. Well this immigration brouhaha is flagging up the differences in the Republican Party, and Ken Conner has written an article on this schism. Social Conservatives don't like immigrants; Blue Bloods don't care all that much and see the upside for business. And he notes that this doesn't bode well for the party.
If the Republican leadership is going to solve the immigration problem without committing political suicide, they better take into account perception and reality. Otherwise, they may soon be left with no one to lead.
I think his observation is pretty much right on; the base is pissed at and suspicious of Republican Party leadership, made up largely of those people wealthy enough to be leaders, i.e. Blue Bloods.

While we are on this subject - let's look at the Republican candidates.

Romney - Blue Blood

Guilliani - Blue Blood

McCain - Maverick Blue Blood

Hmmmm. And none of those guys is even particularly good at pretending not to be a Blue Blood.

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