Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fred Thompson Speaks

Fred Thompson, in preparation for his presumed run on the White House, has taken a shot at Harry Reid for comments he supposedly made to liberal bloggers last week. Thompson reveals a lack of originality that won't surprise people who realize he is an actor. I suspect the big problem for our buddy Thompson will be the contrast between how poised and intelligent he looks on TV and how he looks when he's not scripted.

At any rate this is the same old claptrap - Reid voted for the war so he should support it to the end, no matter how senseless that sounds.
Reid's comments are not meant for logical analysis. He proclaimed the war lost some time ago, and the surge as a failure even before the additional troops were on the ground. The problem is that every one of Reid's comments I've noted here has also been reported gleefully by Al Jazeera and other anti-American media. Whether he means to or not, he’s encouraging our enemies to believe that they are winning the critical war of will.
Let's underline a point here - there's nothing Thompson or any candidate has said that makes me think that they have learned anything from President Bush's war on Iraq. Rather they seem content to continue and expand on his foreign policy blunders.

I don't want to continue the Bush plan of all blunders all the time, and I don't think Senator Reid does either.

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