Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Not everybody is on the Same Page Yet

Or to put it another way, all the Conservatoid pundits agree that Democrats are jerks. But they don't quite know what to do with President Bush yet. Bill Murchinson's latest article deals with the Democratic Debate, and, like Limbaugh, he says attacking Bush is attacking America.
We need to look carefully at the phrase "George Bush's war." It tells us everything we need to know about this field of candidates. Not our war -- not America's. Bush's war. You get the implication here. When we quit the war, we're not really quitting; we're just cleaning up Bush's mess.
In a nutshell that's where the Republican Party is right now, and why the 2008 election is a bit problematic. The American people don't like the Iraq war. Democrats are criticizing the war and saying we need to get out. Republicans are saying we are all in this together and should stand behind the President on this issue (where they disagree with the President is on Immigration).

So they are cutting themselves loose from an unpopular president, while holding on to the thing that makes him unpopular. Seems like a tricky strategy to make work. Unless they figure they can win or seem to win in Iraq by 2008, in which case, well, the American people have always loved a winner.

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