Friday, June 22, 2007

Those Pesky Palestinians

Michael Medved, like Shapiro, also wants to see the Palestinian people disappear. Unlike Shapiro, he at least has an idea of where they can go; into other Arab countries. He tries to portray this as a compassionate loving solution for people he cares about, but occasionally his real feelings come out.
After all, voters in the West Bank split more evenly between Fatah and Hamas in the recent Palestinian elections, but the residents of Gaza voted overwhelmingly for Hamas: the fundamentalist terror organization that pledges in its charter to resist forever the right of Jews to even “one square inch” of their ancient homeland.

Moreover, the idea of resettling Palestinians in today’s Israel means bringing people to a society where 80% of the inhabitants practice a different religion, speak a different language, uphold different values, and exist in a different century (the 21st century as opposed to the 7th).
It's interesting that at a time when the Republican Party is debating our own border security, Medved calls on the nations of the Middle East to basically throw open their borders (to people who have a 7th century no less). But one assumes that this won't actually happen, for the same reasons that cause us to not allow many Hispanics to come here.

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