Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cowardly Republicans

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating.

Cal Thomas' latest article is about the situation in Israel and Palestine. He takes the standard line.
What is wrong with Israel's leadership, and much of the leadership in the West, that it believes peace is only a matter of finding the right formula to satisfy the Palestinian side and the Arab states that seek Israel's destruction? Israel's enemies (who are mostly America's enemies, too) care nothing about goodwill, reciprocity, equality or a two-state solution to the turmoil. They want a one-state solution, which is the replacement of Israel with a Palestinian state.
As is typical Thomas carefully destroys any peaceful solution while, just as carefully, failing to provide any solution of his own (beyond such standard pablums as "realize we are at war" or "get tough"). The conclusion one can draw is that Thomas does have a solution, but it isn't one that he feels comfortable advocating.

But if you take all the alternatives to Palestinian Genocide off the table, and then shut up about what's still on the table, well, some people are going to figure that one out.

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