Tuesday, June 05, 2007

America is the Bestest nation in the World!

Or at least that's what David Limbaugh, the "smart" Limbaugh brother would like to hear from Democratic Presidential candidates. Instead, as he notes in his latest column, Democratic Candidates like John Edwards are pointing out mistakes and suggesting we need to improve our imagine internationally.
Even if you choose to dismiss the Democrats' own bumper stickers about how evil America is (from Gitmo to domestic spying) because you swallow their excuse that they are only criticizing the Bush administration, not America, then you'll still have to explain how they can insist that America has the burden of proving it is not immoral.

These are fighting words if you love America.
Of course Limbaugh doesn't believe reports about our torture of enemy combatants nor does he realize that the War in Iraq was and is unjustified. He attributes all of Edwards accurate criticisms of the United States to a desire to placate the base, but points out that if Edwards trashes America it won't go well for him in the general election.

Let me also point out the obvious slight of hand here. Edwards is criticizing how President Bush has run America; David Limbaugh wants to equate criticism of the President with criticism of the nation. It'd be hard to run against the Republicans without noting how badly they've messed things up in their term.

Unfortunately for Limbaugh I think the nation sees a bit of a difference between America and the President.

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