Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poor Ann Coulter

Once again she's admitted that if it wasn't for her nastiness, she'd have nothing. The occasion of this admission was an appearance on Hardball. Elizabeth Edwards called in, and asked her to not be quite so nasty.
Edwards: I’m asking you politely to stop, to stop personal attacks –

Coulter: How about you stop raising money on your web page then? No, you don’t have to because I don’t mind.

E: I did not start with that. You had a column a number of years ago where you suggested — wait till I finish talking please…

C: Okay, the wife of a presidential candidate is calling in asking me to stop speaking.

Matthews: Let her finish the point. Let her finish the point.

C: You’re asking me to stop speaking? “Stop writing your columns. Stop writing your books.”
You see without personal attacks Ann Coulter would have nothing to write about and nothing to say.
E: I’m making the call as a mother. I’m the mother of that boy who died. My children participate — these young people behind you are the age of my children. You’re asking them to participate in a dialogue that is based on hatefulness and ugliness instead of on the issues, and I don’t think that’s serving them or this country very well.


M: Thank you very much Elizabeth. You wanna respond? You have all the time in the world to respond.

C: I think we heard all we need to hear. The wife of a presidential candidate is asking me to stop speaking. No.
Again Ann Coulter, due to her limited mental capability, cannot participate in a dialogue that is not based on hatefulness and ugliness. Asking her to elevate her discourse or to talk about the issues is the same as asking her to shut up, in her limited mentality.

It's really a shame when you think about it. But then I consider how much she is being rewarded for her hatefulness by Conservatives and I don't feel all that sorry for her at all.

While we shed a tear for Coulter's mental inferiority, let's also raise a glass or give a round of applause to Elizabeth Edwards for this stand that she's taken.

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