Monday, June 25, 2007

The Horrors of Socialized Medicine

Michael Moore's new movie, which has yet to open here, is called Sicko and is about the Health Care industry. Naturally this prompts defense of our current system by Conservatives. Michelle Malkin's latest article takes her shots at Moore in her latest article, but unfortunately she's shooting blanks.
More and more people are paying for private health insurance cover, and more and more companies are making it part of the perks package. So, Britain will end up with a two-tier system before too long where the "rich" get good private cover and the poor or uninsured have no alternative to the NHS."

Moore and his rich left wing Hollywood buddies won't have to worry about the inevitable shortages and distortions of socialized medicine. They'll simply be living in their own private care universe.
So Socialized medicine is bad because the poor won't get as good a care as the wealthy. You get that? Clearly the answer is to favor a system in which the poor get no care whatsoever. Because that would clearly be better than a system in which they got less care than the wealthy.

I wonder how Michael Moore and the "Hollywood Elite" or, say, the Conservative Punditocracy are handling their health care issues right now?

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