Thursday, June 14, 2007

Republicans Struggle

Matt Towery offers the heartening suggestion that President Bush's dedication to the immigration compromise bill might hurt or destroy the Grand Old Party.
It's already clear that Republican candidates in the 2008 season will face a difficult political climate in light of the continued war in Iraq and the overall low job-approval ratings for President Bush. Now the president apparently wants to ensure the collapse of his party by attempting to drag GOP Senators over the cliff and into the abyss of his current immigration reform bill.

Multiple InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion surveys indicate that a majority of voters in numerous states, particularly those "red" Southern states the GOP desperately needs in order to have any prayer of holding on to the White House, oppose the president's immigration bill.
I feel for Mr. Towery, but I'm not sure the situation is as dire as all this. Bush can't run again and he's got no heir among the candidates running (closest you get to that is Mitt Romney). All three Republican candidates can walk away from the President on this one, which will help them both with the Red Staters you are worried about and with those on the fence. Disagreeing with an unpopular President like Bush isn't a bad strategy.

Of course they do have to hope that America doesn't twig to the fact that when it comes to war, they are exactly the same as Bush.

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