Monday, June 04, 2007

What is on the table?

President Bush gets taken to task over the immigration reform bill in an article by Robert Bluey today. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Bluey is looking at the whole table when he launches into his criticisms. Even the title, "Bush’s Blunder: How Not to Fire Up the Base," misses a key point in the Bush Presidency. He's not running for anything. He can't be President again. So what does he care whether or not the Base is worked up or not?

One thing you have to give President Bush, he doesn't care about criticism from people who can't give him anything. He hasn't cared about the growing number of people who oppose the war and the conservative base has seen that as a sign of strength and steadfastness. Now he is taking a course they don't agree with and that same strength and steadfastness is no longer a virtue.

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