Monday, June 04, 2007

Feminists are Murderers

According to professional jackass Michael S. Adams. For those not familiar with Mike S. Adams, his shtick is being a college conservative and saying offensive things and then pretending he was joking. In fact he starts this article with an admonition to those who don't think he's funny.
By stating that I reinforced her liberalism by using offensive language (read: by making her even angrier) she simply reinforces my true definition of a liberal:

One who suffers from an emotional disorder that renders him, her, or it unable to appreciate humor.
Then bizarrely he moves on to an apparently serious argument that Feminists are murderers. The argument goes like that - Abortion is murder, Feminists are in favor of legal abortion, Feminists like having sex but don't necessarily want to have babies, which leads us to this statement, by Mr. Adams.
Feminism is a minority social movement, whose members murder innocent children in order to obtain sexual gratification.

Those who would quibble with my assertion that all feminists commit murder do so based on the mistaken assumption that a woman must have or actually perform an abortion to commit a murder. That isn’t so.

Charles Manson never actually stabbed or shot any of the five people at the Tate residence. Nor did he stab either of the LaBiancas the following evening. His conviction on all seven counts of murder was due to his choice to enter into a criminal conspiracy with the very people who did, in fact, directly commit the murders.
He also makes it clear that this definition includes anybody who describes him or herself as a feminist, regardless of how committed they are to feminism.

I'm not really sure how to respond to this argument; it's like responding rationally to an article explaining that Black people really are inferior. What's the point? The worldview posited by the argument is to bizarre to respond to rationally. Although, and of course, Adams isn't the only one who wants to string up thousands of women.

I'll just conclude that Adams is a nasty git and articles like this make the world a worse place.

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