Friday, January 05, 2007

You Need Not Exist to Contribute to this Blog

There is a big to do over in the right wing blog-o-sphere about how the awful reporting coming out of Iraq. Exhibit A - there was a report about six people being burned and shot in a sectarian attack at a Sunni Mosque. The Right Wing blog-o-sphere determined that this report was clearly fictitious because one of the key sources for the report, Capt. Jamil Hussein, does not actually exist.

Except as it turns out, he does.

For the rightwing response to this error on their part check out this long and typically brilliant post at Orcinus. My favorite line comes from right wing blogger Micky Kaus.
Capt. Jamil Hussein, controversial AP source, seems to exist. That's one important component of credibility!
I was going to joke about only allowing people who exist to contribute to the blog, but then I realized that with Space Lobster, McIckelson and others, I couldn't really make that fly.

Speaking of people who do exist, however, Random Goblin has a great post over at his blog on the coming political landscape.

Also you'll note that the look of the blog has changed - hopefully this will allow my feeds to work, as they haven't previously.

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