Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A lazy little tear running from each eye, they could never be blue

Are you normal? Or to put it another way, are you a normie? Or a non normie? Well if you don't know the answer to this important question, there's a website you should check out. It's called This website is apparently dedicated to promoting normalness.
This is not a web/blog site for whackos. This is a web/blog site for normal people, which exposes the psychologically driven non-normal people who haunt and affect your daily life, in business, politics and personally, unless you live in a cave. You cannot get this information from any other source-because it simply doesn't exist.
Yes Jack Thomas alone possesses the information you need to fight against the wierdos out there. Jack Thomas, owner of the website, chosen by God to expose non-Normals, many of whom are motivated by delusions of grandeur.

I could be at this website for a while.

Anyway Mr. Thomas is promoting a vision of normalness that existed sometime in the 1950s and then mostly on television. He's written a string of posts highlighting the Non-Normie of the day, and he has a quiz which will help you determine your normie-ness. Both of those pages deserve some examination. So expect some more insights from Jack Thomas on what makes people normal.

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