Monday, January 22, 2007

How Black is Barak Obama

This is the subject of a thought provoking article over at Salon by Debra J. Dickerson. I usually don't post too many articles from Salon because you have to watch an ad first but this one is worth it. I'll be honest I'm entirely comfortable with the implications of this article, but that's not the articles fault - it's realities fault.

The ending though gets me angry and depressed.
Yet until Obama survives the scourging he's about to receive from Hillary Clinton (God help him if he really did lie about his Muslim background) and the electoral process, no candidate of color will ever be taken seriously. Clinton isn't about to leave the stage in the name of racial progress, and the pundit class has only just begun to take apart the senator's record, associates and bank accounts.
This drives me nuts - Hillary Clinton should drop her run for the Presidency, but she won't. So we are stuck with her. I'm not sold on Obama either, but at least he has the potential to run a campaign that will make me feel good to be a Democrat.

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