Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I sing the song because I love the man I know that some of you don't understand

So now we get to the part of my review of where I explain why I bring it up at all. I don't know if he defines a normie as a conservative Republican, but it's pretty that he defines a liberal Democrat as a non-Normie. And you get this most clearly when you review his Non Normie of the Day feature. He picks a person or organization and explains why they are not normal, taking a moment to analyze their underlying psychology.

Let's look at the last 10. Jonathan Haidt, Chuck Hagel, Barbara Boxer, the ACLU, the Queen Bee (the phenomenon, not the creature), Malik Shabazz, Eric Vickers, the Former Non Normie Friends of Oprah Winfry (in this case he means that they were formarly friends, not that they were formally Non Normies), Robert Scheer, and Cameo Patch.

Cameo Patch (1-4-07) had sex with a student, Jonathan Haidt (1-17-07) wrote an article making an positive analogy to certain aspects of Hinduism, The Queen Bee (1-11-07) is a phenomenen where in a female executive prefers to surround herself with males so as not to be threatened, and the Former Non Normie Friends of Oprah Winfry (1-8-07) are upset that she spent money building schools in Africa rather than in America. So these are more or less non political. Or not directly political - obviously many Conservatives are often opposed to non Christian religions getting respect and woman executives (I guess I can't really comment on sex with underage students in the wake of the Foley scandal).

Barbara Boxer (1-15-07) and Chuck Hagel (1-16-07) are both considered liberal politicians (albeit from different parties), The ACLU (1-12-07) is considered a liberal organization, Robert Scheer is a liberal columnist, Malik Shabazz (1-10-07) is part of the new Black Panther organization, so also a liberal. Finally Eric Vickers (1-9-07) argued on behalf of Minneapolis / St. Paul Cabbies who wanted to refuse to transport alcohol and animals (i.e. pets (including seeing eye dogs)). He would argue of course that Erik Vickers in on the right side of the fence, but that is just a way of keeping conservatives in the middle (the normies).

So that 60% liberal in the first 10, plus 2 others that while not technically liberal reinforce Conservatives opinions of Liberals. I've scanned down the list and seen this patten to be broadly consistant; Conservativism is normal, liberals are non-normies.

The more I read this site the more disturbed I get (in between the laughter). I'll come back to this this afternoon if I can.

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