Friday, January 05, 2007

Being Wealthy is only Shameful if you are a Liberal

Daily Howler is quite good these days, and I was struck by a post he wrote on David Brooks writing on Nancy Pelosi.
Was Nancy Pelosi "chauffeured [i.e., driven] to school as a child?" We don't have the slightest idea. (A Nexis search on "Pelsoi AND chauffeur!" failed to produce any meaningful matches. Other searches got us nowhere.) But Brooks' crafting is sadly familiar; he pictures Pelosi as a pampered child, just as his class contrived to do, in various ways, to Gore and Kerry before her. Indeed, this very image-the image of the child being driven to school-was often used, in precisely this way, to drive the image of rich, pampered Gore. We weren't told that he was "driven to school" (at St. Albans) by a DC transit bus. Over-class craftsmen chose their words well-and we rubes were encouraged to conjure.

In this passage, Brooks conflates Pelosi's wealth as a married adult with her life as a child-when she lived in Baltimore's (working class) Little Italy, with her father, then Baltimore's (working class) mayor. Was Pelosi a child of the pampered rich-the image one takes from Brooks' paragraph 2?
What strikes me about this is how angry Rush and them get when we start talking about taxing the rich - then it's all about how we shouldn't punish or resent the wealthy for being wealthy. But when it's a Democrat wealthy person, than all bets are off. Then they didn't earn their money and they are out of touch and don't understand America in the slightest.

Or to put it another way, it's funny how Rush's wealth doesn't distort his vision, at least according to him.

Oh and apparently I'm not changing the look of the blog after all, it looks like the feeds are working again.

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