Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Family Values

Or woman are great at raising kids but let's not pretend that being a Mother is real work. Ben Shapiro's latest article is all about how Nancy Pelosi's status as a Mother shouldn't protect her from criticism. Brilliant work there.
This is absurd. There are literally billions of mothers in the world. I love motherhood as much as the next fellow, but it has absolutely nothing to do with running the House of Representatives. Lady Macbeth had a child (Act I, Scene 7), but she wouldn't be my first choice to run a country. It is no less offensive for Pelosi to run based on her uterus than it would be for a man to campaign based on his working prostate.
I don't mean to be vulgar but how many of you believe that Prostate was young Ben's first choice of a body part to end that sentence with?

Secondly, it's clear that Ben's objections aren't to Ms. Pelosi's motherhood but to her liberalism. This is similar to Conservativism's objections to professors and journalists. They hate those guys, unless, of course, they are saying things that Conservatives want to hear. By the same token, they love their mothers, unless, of course, those mothers happen to be saying something they don't want to hear.

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