Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I wish that I was born a thousand years ago

Are you normal? Jack Thomas, creator of has a simple 100 question test that can help you determine your normalness. Let's check out a few of the questions. Incidentally, each yes answer moves you closer to non-normie-ness, while a no answer indicates that you are normal.
17. Do you work in any of the following occupational fields: nursing, mental health, politics, law, care-giving, social work, teaching, journalism, media, entertainment or religion?
Everybody in those fields is apparently less than totally normal.
38. Do you either: Favor gay marriage? or... Believe that gay people should be arrested for practicing homosexual acts in private?
Again - each yes answer subtracts from your normalness quotient.
43. Do you either: Wear Birkenstocks? or...Regularly wear camouflage outfits?
I guess this one is self explanatory - look down - if you see Birkenstocks, you are not normal.
55. Do you like to mock things or people?
I know I do.
57. Do you either: Believe that feminism hasn't achieved all of its goals yet? or... Think that a woman's place is only in the home, doing a woman's work
Believing that there's still some work to be done in the field of gender equality is not normal.
64. Have you been single for a very long time?
I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.
85. Do you either: Believe that the United States is imperialistic and should be made to decrease its influence in the world? or... Think that the United States is not imperialistic enough and should spread its influence even further?
It's normal to think that the United States is doing everything right, apparently. Stupid eyes, stop looking at Iraq.

Here's a final one, out of order.
33. Do you pathologize normal behavior (look upon normal behavior as being abnormal)?
When it comes to Mr. Thomas's definition of "Normal" I sure as hell do. And I doubt I'd be alone. I took the test, incidentally, and came up with a score of 25% - I'm normal but borderline.

Of course here Mr. Thomas is pretending to be even handed, but when you get into his Non-Normie of the day feature you find out which political philosophy he has declared Normal, and what philosophy is good for us non-normies.

Incidentally we are continuing our post titles as being lyrics from songs - all of yesterdays and todays lyrics share a common theme - how many songs can you guess and what's the theme linking them together?

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