Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who's tying our troops hands?

Once again we read from Thomas Sowell about how our troops hand are being tied, preventing them from winning in Iraq.
American and other coalition troops in Iraq have had their hands tied with "rules of engagement" based on political, rather than military, considerations.
How long will President Bush allow our militaries hands to be tied? How long will he let our troops fight with one hand behind their back? Who is responsible for the military anyway? Who is the chief commander of our military forces, and if he can't give our military the tools they need, why is he still in power?

The rest of Sowells article is about how Iraq is just like Vietnam. We could have won in Vietnam and we can win in Iraq, if we keep the liberals and media from undercutting our efforts. Nonsense, but to conservatives, very believable nonsense.

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