Thursday, January 11, 2007

Commander in Chief!

Rich Galen's written an article to remind us all that President Bush is the Commandeer in Chief. So even if most of America concludes his new plan is a timid escalation of an unwinnable war, we pretty much have to do it.
Neither Nancy Pelosi, nor Harry Reid, nor Joe Biden nor any other member of the House or Senate nor anyone running for US President from either party has the right to deny the President the power granted to him as commander-in-chief.
So thank you for that clarification. But each of those people has the right and even the duty to speak out when the President is busy shooting our collective foot. Speaking out doesn't deprive the President of his rights; it merely makes it unpleasant for him to exercise those rights foolishly.

He points out that Congress could cut funding, but that they wouldn't dare do it. He might be right there. On the other hand, opposition to this plan from Democrats, Republicans and the Military has been pretty vocal, so perhaps it will be revised as time goes on.

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