Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another piece of the puzzle

I commented earlier that the Republicans want to raise the stakes in Iraq because they want failure in Iraq to be the Democrats fault. Jonah Goldberg continues this themes in his latest article, complaining that Democrats for failing to support President Bush's plan to win the war on terror.
The president asserted that no one wants failure in Iraq. Understandably, the commander in chief wanted to avoid conceding how very real a possibility failure is, so he chose his rhetoric carefully. He spoke in the abstract about the bipartisan desire for victory and success.

And yet the Democrats for the most part sat on their hands, refusing to applaud, never mind rise in favor of such statements from a wartime president.
What Jonah wants to say is that Democrats failed to applaud because they want to lose. The truth is that if we could win that would be great, but the President has not shown that his plan will work. Rather his track record in Iraq is one of failure after failure.

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