Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was very nearly clean you know

Why this crap scares me, even as it amuses me. Jack Thomas clearly believes this stuff he's saying. He clearly has the opinion that people who disagree with him politically are "not normal." Read this bit from his piece on Jonathan Haidt.
First, the fact that he is a professor of psychology tells me a lot about him as an individual. Very few people ever went into this field in order to help other people. They entered the study of psychology to cure themselves of some sort of emotional disorder. But, in the process of searching for that elusive fix, they were granted a degree, license and authority by the state to tell other people how to deal with their mental problems. Remember, if you educate a crazy person, all you end up with is an educated crazy person.
Haidt is a psychologist so he must be crazy. Good analysis there, Thomas.

Here's a more complete analysis of where Non Normies come from and what they are.
Normal people seek guidance in life, knowing that they don't have all the answers. This is why most normal people believe in some sort of God, and they pursue His help in their daily lives. When normal people get angry, it usually is due to a specific rational cause.

Non-normal people are like the earth's two polars-both frozen in place on two opposite ends of the world. One type of non-normal people seeks license to do whatever they wish, while the opposite extreme non-normal people seek total law to force everyone to behave according to a strict set of their guidelines.

There is no if and when about non-normal anger. It's a constant and permanent part of their psyche, and it looks for places where it can be displaced.

. . . Yet, both types of non-normal people still want (actually demand) to gain the same good results out of life (for themselves) as normal people receive. They are jealous of normal people because non-normal people are basically selfish and self-centered.
Boy us Non Normies sound awful don't they? Selfish and self-centered? Angry? Extreme? We're just awful people. And fortunately Thomas has a simple 5 step plan for normals to combat us. Define us as non-normal, divine our arguments as non normal, assault our arguments as being non-normal and therefore false, ridicule us, and marginalize us. Nice to lay it out like that.

Let me stop here to underline something - opposing President Bushs plan in Iraq as Chuck Hagel has done, is not normal. Of course polls show that the majority of the American people are not keen on it, but I suppose that means that a lot of people aren't normal.

Liberalism itself is non normie.
Liberalism is a polar-left anti-capitalist philosophy.

This philosophy of the polar-left non-normies is based on serving the driven dysfunctional psychological anti-capitalistic symbols that reside in the psyches of polar-left non-normie members.
I don't know, however, if you can take my word for it, since I'm so clearly a non-normie. After all, as Mr. Thomas explains, "They [non normies] may even assault this site,, as idiotic."

I guess he's one step ahead of me.

He does not advocate any sort of governmental action against non-normies which is probably smart. However his whole tone is that there is something fundamentally and psychologically wrong with me and with most of you. Our brains don't work properly. In a perfect world, should people whose brains don't work properly be allowed the same access to the political system as people who's brains do work properly? As far as I can tell Thomas hasn't answered that question, but it's one you can figure out the answer to relatively easily.

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