Monday, January 08, 2007

McCain in 2008

Does McCain have a prayer of winning next November? He worries me more than anybody else, but, then again, he has to go through the nominating process. And Kevin McCullough's latest article reminds us that the Republicans just don't cotton to him. But first let's point out a typo.
His most signature work in the U.S. Senate sought to undue [sic] guaranteed protections for free speech – particularly in an election cycle where free speech is of most importance.
Of course you have to remember that Republicans consider money to be speech for this argument to make sense.

Among McCains other sins are his participation in the Gang of 14, his lack of connection to the dominionists, and his mockery of building a wall along our southern boarder. Oh and he took the Lords name in vain as well.

What's funny is that the very qualities that make McCain a bad nominee are the same ones that make him a good candidate. Assuming the Bush Administration's track record of failure continues as it has, the Republican nominee in 2008 will want to look like a break from the past. McCain can sell himself as a contrast to Bush because he seems pretty different. I wouldn't vote for him, given that his position on the war is exactly the same as Bush's but I can understand how others might.

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