Monday, June 22, 2009

An Odd Article

Apparently last week Congress issued a formal apology for Slavery. Allen Hunt, in his latest article, applauds the move, but feels it was lacking. What was it lacking?
Unfortunately, the Senate's apology leaves out the crucial component of a healthy apology. That component is not reparations. The missing component is far more important because it alone can bring the reconciliation we all yearn for and desire. The missing component? The transfer of power in the vulnerable words: “Please forgive me.”

. . . However, the Congress apologizes but never explicitly asks for forgiveness. To ask for forgiveness provides the one receiving the apology to offer reconciliation. A transfer of power takes place – from the offender to the wounded. It takes two to reconcile. An apology only begins the conversation. True acceptance of the apology brings reconciliation. One party can apologize, but the other party must receive and agree to release the pain and the hurt in order for all to be healthy.
I'm not sure what to make of this; except to observe that while it does transfer power it also transfers responsibility. If Congress had asked Blacks to forgive the United States, it would then be up to Blacks to forgive before we could move forward. It seems like we could then blame Blacks for racial tensions in America.

Yeah, I'm not sure I buy that. On the other hands his readers are furious at him for suggesting they have anything to apologize for. I guess you can't win for losing some days.

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