Monday, June 22, 2009

News From the Past - June 22, 1929

Today's article is from the Piqua Daily Call, from Piqua Ohio.
Dry Activities Frowned
Upon — Says Bible
Does Not Forbid
Wine, Beer.
River Forest, Ill.; June 22, (UP)—Pointing out that the Bible does not forbid moderate use of beer and wines, Dr. W, C. Kohn, president of the Rivercrest Concordia College condemned the "criminal practice of prohibition officers in shooting down innocent citizens." In an address before the Missouri synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Chruch in session here.
"We do not believe in the principles that underlie the Volstead law," Dr. Kohn told the delegates "The Bible does not forbid moderate use of beer and wines. Why should a government or an individual do so? That is a personal matter.
Sort of an counter point to the article on the bootleggers a couple of days ago. I do find Kohn's rhetoric a bit overblown - the police were shooting gangsters not regular citizens. And the title is a bit odd; although I suppose we should all be opposed to killings.

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