Sunday, June 21, 2009

News from the Past - June 21, 1929

This one is somewhat goofy; it's from the The Daily Northwestern out of Oshkosh Wisconsin.
Milwaukee - (AP) - Two men drove up to a filling station on fifteenth street last night
"Just how would you like to be robbed?" they asked the attendant Dan Allen.
Allen, a normal individual, said his only preference was not to be robbed in any manner or fashion.
But the bandits also had their preferences. They forced Allen to open a cash register and hand over the contents.
First of all that title reads like an instruction, not a description.

Secondly I find myself wondering why the AP reporter took the time to underline that Allen was a normal individual. I guess because of his question, which does seem sarcastic.

Thirdly, how many different fashions are their to rob a person?

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