Thursday, June 18, 2009

News From the Past - June 18, 1929

This is from the Albuquerque Journal, which proudly proclaims itself New Mexico's leading paper. Not going to argue there. It also its home owned and home operated. June 18th 1929 was a Tuesday, incidentally, which perhaps explains this amusing story.
Man Who Shows "Personal
Magnetism" by Walking
Los Angeles Streets in
Nude, Thinks It Over

LOS ANGELES, June 17 (UP). Wine tonic and the overpowering urge to radiate personal magnetism proved the undoing of Daniel Kovich, 36, here Monday when, unclothed, he tripped merrily down Washington boulevard. Kovich was reading "Instantaneous personal magnetism" and sipping the heavily laden tonic when the urge for self expression became so great. He slid from his room, through the hotel lobby, and out into the busy street.
"Ah, I am full of personal magnetism," Kovich, who is a painter, breathed. "No longer am I submerged in the crowd."
He even attracted the law, and after he had progressed about ten blocks, a burly policeman commandeered an automobile and took his unblushing charge to a police hospital for observation.
"I over did it," the student sighed. "I should have stopped at the third chapter."
So many jokes.

1. I guess chapter four was the one that suggested walking around naked.

2. I wouldn't mind having instantaneous personal magnetism, but if I did I hope I wouldn't feel the urge to say "I am full of personal magnetism."

3. I wonder what the tonic was laden with?

4. Yeah if I walked down the street naked, I suspect I would no longer be submerged in the crowd either. I think people would prefer to stand a good 10 to 15 yards away.

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