Monday, June 15, 2009

News From the Past - June 15, 1929

The first in an ongoing look back at the news of the past, this one from the The Bismark Tribune, Saturday June 15, 1929, from Bismark North Dakota.
University Couple
Marry in Airplane
Grand Forks, N. D., June 15. Happy marriages, they say, are made in heaven, and that, naively explained Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Knight today is one of the many reasons why they are happy today.
For they were wed in the skies yesterday; married in an airplane soaring hundreds of feet above the noise of traffic in the town below.
The bridal couple, both students at the University of North Dakota, Leora Ellen Oliver. Grand Forks, and Virgil E. Knight, Flaxton, took off Orville Shupe. Miss Borchild Olsen of Fargo, was maid of honor, and Orville Shupe of Minot, pilot of the Plane, acted as best man. The marriage ceremony was read by the Rev. G. W. Ford, Crookston, Minn.
It's interesting that Ms. Borchild Olsen actually is the maid of honor while Orville Shupe is only acting as the best man. Maybe Virgil didn't have a lot of friends? But that had to be a bit of a blow to Orville - "You can act as the best man, I guess, but don't go thinking you are one?" Or possibly the actual best man was afraid of heights? So many mysteries.

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