Friday, June 26, 2009

News From the Past - June 26, 1929

This is from the Havre Daily News, from Havre Montana.

MEXIA, Tex., June 25. (AP) - Bootleggers of Thornton, a small town near here have a chivalrous but firm warning to
ponder over.
In a paid advertisement in this week's issue of the Thornton Hustler, Nat Hudson, justice of the peace, warns his
"bootlegging friends" that although "I still take a drink" they had better "stay out of our way."
The advertisement:
"Notice and warning: To my bootlegger friends by advice of a friend in one of the departments of justice in Washington. "Beginning with July 1, I am going to make it hard for any man to make or sell home brew or whiskey in precinct number 8.
"Boys, don't let us catch you for we will bind you over to the grand jury with enough evidence to convict you. I'm not on the water wagon. My great grandfather took a drink or two in our war with England. Grandpa had a drink in our war with Mexico. I was more or less drunk in three different armies. I will still take a drink. Boys, stay out of our way, we are your friends but have to do our duty.
Nat Hudson."
I do find it odd that people in Havre Montana were that concerned about interactions between the law and the bootleggers in Texas, two states a fair distance apart.

Also where does Nat Hudson get his alcohol? I mean if he still takes a drink, from who does he take it? Maybe that's his inspiration to go after the bootleggers.

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