Friday, June 19, 2009

News From the Past - June 19, 1929

This isn't as funny but it is kind of exciting.
Smugglers Open Fire on Customs
Boat in Detroit River Then
Retreat lnto Canada

Windsor, Ontario, June 19. (AP) After a swift moving revolver battle in Detroit river today rum runners of the East Windsor sector retreated into Canadian waters after shooting a hole in tho prow of a United States customs patrol cutter. There were no known casualties.
The rum runners deliberately opened fire without notice on the American boat, Walter B, Petty, acting collector of customs at Detroit, said. His men returned the volleys and chased the intruders back to the Canadian shore.
The battle started, Petty said, when the rum craft was about 100 feet off the foot of Joseph Campau avenue Detroit. The border patrol was gliding down stream and was about 50 feet from the runner when its crew of several men blazed away suddenly with revolvers, the bullets drumming against the government boat and blasting a hole above its water line.
"Our men returned the fire promptly," Pretty added. "The rum runners swung about and retreated toward Canada, maintaining a heavy fire at our boat;"
Petty charges that the firing from the rum boat continued long after it had reached Canadian waters The customs boat abandoned the chase at the International line.
I do find myself wondering what our relationship with Canada was back than? I mean these rum runners get into Canadian waters but feel free to just continue blazing away? Wouldn't Canada want to put a stop to that?

But then again maybe there weren't any Canucks around.

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