Monday, June 29, 2009

News From the Past - June 29, 1929

I missed this over the weekend but here we go. This is an odd and truncated article from the Modesto News-Herald, dated June 2, but published June 29. Perhaps they just forgot the 9.
Germany's 'Steel Helmets'
Parade In Munich
One Hundred Thousand Veterans Tramp The Streets Of The
Bavarian Capital, Cheered By Countless Thousands That
Line Every Inch Of The March—The Declared Purpose
Of ' Der Stahlhelm' Is To Bring Back
Christianity As Well As A 'Free Germany'
—Beauty And Beer Still The Leading
Characteristics Of Munich

MUNICH, June 2, 1929.—Munich is alike the capital of Beauty and Beer. The Beauty is in her parks, her fountains, her tree-lined streets, her gardens, her statues; but more than all in the wonderful buildings and memorials erected by the so-called mad king, Ludwig II.
He scoured the earth, but principally Greece and Italy, for architects to recreate here in the Bavarian capital some of "the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome."
And he succeeded most admirably.
To-day, Munich is an inspiration in architecture, as she is an instructress in art and music.
Munich's Second Pride And Glory
Beer—the second pride and glory in Munich; or is it the first?— still holds its sway where so long it has reigned.
Breweries galore lower to the heavens, some of them architectural gems.
Nearly everyone has its beer garden attachment, and all are thronged these pleasent nights.
They Still Are O. K.
In correspondence written upon a previous visit to Munich, Yours Truly descanted at considerable
length in various letters upon alike the Beauty and the Beer of the place.
Suffice it to say he now found the beauty just as apparent - and the Beer just as good.
Trees are Beautiful Poems
Munich today is clothed in her garments of green. Everything about her is fresh and clean. Her trees are beautiful poems in the urban landscape.
What's odd about this article, from 1929, is how the extended headline clashes with the story underneath. Unfortunately the remainder of the article was on Page 11 which I am unable to access for less than $10 a month. So perhaps the bit about the helmet wearing veterans who wanted Christianity and a 'Free Germany' was expounded a bit down there.

Then again I might be reading this in the light of what I know is coming up in Germany; I can't really blame Mr. McClatchy for not knowing the future.

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