Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Understand Liberals

Or, more accurately, how to demonize people you disagree with. Today's example comes from Laura Hollis's latest article which seems awkwardly formatted.
Liberals profess to “love” all kinds of things: whales, polar bears, snail darters, the planet. Strangely, few of them are human. Or anything that makes humans’ lives better. What seems to drive most liberals is hatred and a need for control. What they control, they destroy. And there are few things they hate as much as American business.
Just let me point out, the planet does actually make humans lives better - without it where would we stand?

Of course one could argue that whales, polar bears, and snail darters also make life better for humans, but I'm guessing that Hollis doesn't see it that way.

At any rate it's a pretty lazy article, basically collecting stereotypes about liberals, the sorts of things Limbaugh and others have been repeating for decades. The best you can say for her is that she seems to believe what she's saying.

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