Friday, June 26, 2009

The Joy of Marriage

Cal Thomas's latest article is pretty depressing; it is on fidelity in marriage in reaction to the Governor Sanford situation.
Psychiatrists explain that married people tire of one another after 10 or 20 years (it used to be seven years, as in that Marilyn Monroe/Tom Ewell film "The Seven Year Itch." Must be inflation.). Good marriages are the result of hard work. Forsaking all others is more than a wedding promise. It is a daily denial of one's lower instincts. Temptation is everywhere. The key to overcoming it is to realize you are fighting an adversarial force that wants to destroy you, embarrass you and cause ridicule to be heaped on the God you claim to worship.
So basically you have between seven to ten years of wedded happiness and then you spend the rest of your life fighting against the Devil's temptation? At which point you either succumb or triumph - but even the triumph seems pretty cold.

Pretty depressing view of marriage, but not being married myself I guess I won't comment.

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libhom said...

The existence of male monogamy is one of our culture's most persistent superstitions.