Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News From the Past - June 16, 1929

This story appeared in the Miami Daily News Reporter, Sunday June 16, 1929, although it's dated June 15th. Weekends, what are you going to do?
80 Year Old War Veteran Hikes Miles for Pension
Joplin Mo. June 15.
—An 80 year old Civil War Veteran, stooped of shoulder and silver haired, trudged slowly through Joplin today, homeward bound to Dodge City, Kas., from Siloam Springs, Ark. where ha had walked to arrange an application for a pension. He is U. S. Sawyer.
Several weeks ago Sawyer started afoot from Dodge City, walking many dusty miles before reaching his destination. There the pension papers were arranged and now he is walking back to Dodge City.
Sawyer has refused many "lifts."
"I don't need to ride," he said. "I can make it all right so long as 1 take my time. 1 don't like to accept lifts anyway. People might think 1 was a bum. I'll be home in a little while."
Honestly, I find this story somewhat affecting, particularly that last line.

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