Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where does Evil Come From

Evil comes from Gnomergon.

But Dennis Prager has analyzed where people believe that the Evil comes from and presented the following list.

1. The Devil
2. The Genes

Prager dismisses these two as being complicated ways of ducking the question.

3. Parents

He points out that this can't explain evil because some good people come from bad homes and some bad people come from good homes.

4. Religion

This only counts when it's inspiring an Islamic terrorist. Also Commies were bad and they were secular.

5. Money
6. Power

People do to bad things to get money and power, but you can't blame money or power. Particularly money. So don't even try.

7. Pursuit of the Good

Now you're cooking. Finally one we can pin on liberals. This is the first root of evil that Dennis Prager isn't interested in minimizing. "Far more evil has been perpetrated by idealistic people than by cynical criminals."

8. Sadism

Prager dismisses Sadism as being not that common.

9. Boredom

A little esoteric but I see his point. Good thing I'm a World of Warcraft addict or I'd get bored and cook myself up some evil.

10. Victimhood

This is the big one according to Dennis Prager. Victimhood creates a lot of evil apparently.
A lifelong study of good and evil has led to me conclude that the greatest single cause of evil is people perceiving of themselves or their group as victims.

. . . If my belief is even partially correct, the preoccupation of much of America with telling whole groups that they are victims -- of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and classism, among other American sins -- can only increase cruelty and evil in America.
Of course one might argue that cultural, ethnic, or racial inequality is in itself evil. But Prager fails to note that as one of the potential sources of evil, so presumably he doesn't see it as a big problem. Rather drawing attention to injustice or inequality would be far worse because then people would perceive themselves as victims and create evil. Particularly if they were bored.

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