Monday, September 17, 2007

The Democrats Fatal Mistake

Apparently the Democrats have fatally wounded their chances to get power once more by criticizing General Petraeus and by failing to condemn MoveOn.Org vociferiously enough. Or that's the current spin from our Republican pundits. Take, for example, Carol Platt Liebau's latest article.
In calling General Petraeus a liar, Democrats by implication accused him of betraying his country by recklessly sacrificing the lives of American fighting men and women for strictly political reasons – a frontal assault on his patriotism and his honor. In doing so, they overstepped. In the wake of the general’s testimony on Capitol Hill, newspaper headlines noted the need for Democrats to find a new political strategy to end the war.

Worse yet for the Democrats, their attacks on General Petraeus offered Americans a moment of clarity. Democrats’ vitriol, their political gamesmanship, and their patent disregard for the substance of the General’s testimony opened an all-too-revealing window into the party’s soul – and showcased its stunning lack of seriousness about national security in general and the Iraq war in particular.
It must be comforting for Liebau to believe that her own perceptions are those of the American peoples. To believe deep in her heart that America is really tired of Democrats asking tough questions (such as they are) on the war in Iraq.

Must be very comforting even it is unlikely to be accurate.

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