Friday, September 07, 2007

Class Envy

Chuck Colson's latest article shows his envy of people with the wherewithal to live in Martha's Vineyard. This is populist conservatism - always a bizarre hybrid. He defends the rights of the wealthy by attacking the wealthy - the liberal wealthy.

To be specific he notes that a lot of wealthy liberals live in Martha's Vineyard and that some people in Martha's Vineyard are fighting to keep energy producing windmills off of Nantucket Sound. This shows liberal hypocrisy, assuming that the liberal environmentalist politicians and the people fighting to get those windmills out of Nantucket sound are one and the same.

I am assuming they aren't because if Colson had evidence that a John Kerry or Ted Kennedy were supporting the fight against the windmills, he would drop their name in a much more direct way, rather than trying to tar them by association (he does note that John Kerry voted against killing the windmill farm, although the sentence construction is confused (presumably on purpose)).

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