Monday, September 10, 2007

Islam and American Democracy are apparently not compatible

According to Kevin McCullough's latest article, at any rate.
Islamic scholars like Spencer, and Dr. Ergun Canor, have long pointed out that the Islamic experience is, not akin to, nor compatible with the American mainstream. In Arabic society and culture there is no distinction between the mosque, the school, the house of government, the home, or the courts - it is all Islamic. All of the systems are centered around the teachings of the religion. And when the religion is as big of a fraud as Islam is, tight control must be maintained over every aspect of life.

So when liberals speak of tolerance for Islamic instruction, what they mean is, "let's let them convert the mind, bodies, and souls of the next generation." No wonder Osama spoke with such high praise for the Democrats in his video this week.
I'm tired of it - so I'll just note that as power slips through the Republicans / Conservatives fingers, they are getting a bit more honest about who they really are.

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