Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ann Coulter - Angry and Incoherent

Ann wants to make two points about the Craig situation in her latest article.

Democrats are hypocrites and homophobes for going after Larry Craig

Larry Craig, being gay, deserves to be gone after.

Hard to finesse those two positions? Not if you harness the awesome power of incoherency.
Despite the 9/11-level coverage, Larry Craig is merely accused of "cruising while Republican." There is nothing liberals love more than gay-baiting, which they disguise as an attack on "hypocrisy."

. . . And why is it "homophobic" for Senate Republicans to look askance at sex in public bathrooms? Is the Times claiming that sodomy in public bathrooms is the essence of being gay? I thought gays just wanted to get married to one another and settle down in the suburbs so they could visit each other in the hospital.
Her article is pretty blatant about rewriting this story so as to cast the Democrats as the actors. In fact it was Republican after Republican who called for Craig to resign. Democrats noted the discrepancy in how Republicans treated David Vitter, also caught in a sex scandal, but in a state with a Democratic Governor and Craig, who would be replaced by a Republican Governor. But the chief thrust to get rid of Craig came from Republicans. Ann delicately brushes them out of her picture. In her recount of the story, it seems like the Republicans didn't really do anything at all in response to Craig.

But then again, life is simple for someone like Ann Coulter - just remember that Democrats are evil and all of life's questions are pretty easy to answer. And that is, I suppose, a kind of coherency.

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