Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Senator Craig Is Persecuted for All Our Sins

Well mostly for his own sins. But also the sins of Democrats. Or so conservatives would like you to believe.

The story so far.

Something happens in a Minneapolis Airport Bathroom involving Senator Craig (it may have involved soliciting sexual favors).

Senator Craig pleads guilty.

Senator Craig, realizing his tactical error tries to claim that his guilty plea was an attempt to get through this problem quickly.

Republicans shocked and horrified by Craigs activities criticize him harshly and request that he leave the Senate.

Craig appears willing to do so, but then changes course and appears more willing to fight.

Republicans realizing they are stuck with Craig, need to defend him.

How do you finesse this? Simply replace Republicans with Democrats in the fourth statement above (the one in blue). Attack Democrats for calling on Craig to resign while blissfully ignoring such statements from your own side of the fence.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity both harped on Democrats yesterday, as they do every day I suppose. But this day it was about our having hounded Craig from the Senate. Obviously plenty of Republicans have called for Craig's resignation, but you ask yourself what makes a better story.

Senator Craig, resists the will of his own party, and vows to stay in the Senate.

Senator Craig, resist the will of unscrupulous Democrats, and vows to stay in the Senate.

Regardless of which one is true, we both know which one will rile up the conservative base more.

So Rush and others are compelled to defend Craig against his Democratic attackers. And how will they defend him? By defending hypocrisy, as we'll see later on.

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