Monday, September 24, 2007

For those who missed this

Rush Limbaugh got a guest appearance on last nights piece of shit Family Guy Show. The show was moderately funny but quite extraordinarily lazy, as is par for the course for that piece of shit show. It was basically redoing Star Wars with Family Guy Characters taking the part of the actors in the original show. The funniest bit was the very end when Chris Griffin (played by Seth Green) critiqued the show for basically doing what Robot Chicken had done already.

And giving Rush Limbaugh a guest spot? Just the icing on the cake - because when you think about it Rush Limbaugh's "humor" fits Family Guy like a glove. They are practically peas in a pod. Except that i have to give Rush Limbaugh a bit of a nod in that his humor is in the service of some admittedly awful ideas. But at the back of it he actually does give a damn. He just has really bad ideas.

The creators of Family Guy on the other hand don't give a damn. And that's why in the end, they basically suck.

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