Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hypocrisy isn't that bad

Here's the happy self serving spin in one compact picture (cartoon by Mike Shelton).

For those of you who don't click on the link - it shows the Democratic Donkey hopping over a two inch goalpost of moral standards while the Republican Elephant knocks the bar off it's 6 foot goalpost of moral standards. The implication being that scandals hurt Republicans more because they have standards, while liberal libertines have no trouble being as wicked as possible (witness Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and so on) while still retaining party loyalty and position within the government.

I do like how to Republicans it's apparently a six foot running high jump to resist soliciting sex in an airport Men's Room.

Except, of course, maybe Craig wasn't even doing that. According to Rush Limbaugh and others he was apparently just moving his feet when he got arrested. THat sort of begs the question of what, exactly, Senator Craig thought he was pleading guilty too.

Moving back to Hypocrisy, let's take a look at our buddy, Rush Limbaugh.
The left in this country, folks, has made it a point to go after the hypocrisy of conservatives and Republicans, not really the behavior. If they go after the behavior, they have to condemn the behavior on their side of the aisle. The whole point of the left is to have no standards, because if you have no standards, you can't be held to any standards. If the left established standards that it wanted to adhere to, then it would have to jettison the supporters that come from the pervert ranks of the Democrat Party, the depraved, the gutter dwellers out there, they are all Democrats, and they are Democrats because the Democrats will not judge them.
While the overlying message is pretty clear (Democrats are evil), I'm not sure exactly how this exonerates Craig. Rather Republicans are usually pretty proud of the way they get rid of their scandals. I will note also that Craigs hypocrisy is of greater note because he was a lawmaker who fought to make life harder on homosexuals. That's a little different than just claiming homosexuality to be wrong and then practicing it.

In other words Craig fought to make life harder on people who did what he does secretly openly.

But the overarching theme is that Democrats are perverts while republicans try to be good guys (when they aren't visiting prostitutes or soliciting sex in Men's rooms). Witness this line from David Limbaugh's latest piece o' crap.
Why did Sen. Larry Craig resign? Was it that he was exposed as a homosexual? That he is also a Republican? That he lied? That he committed a misdemeanor? That he is a hypocrite? Or that Republicans had to offer him in sacrifice lest they too -- horrors -- be accused of party-wide hypocrisy?

Obviously, he resigned under pressure from the left -- which ought to be defending him -- and his GOP colleagues.
Why should liberals/democrats defend Craig? He's Gay. We defend Gays. No questions asked, apparently. Even when said gays have, as noted above, dedicated a certain amount of their political careers to persecuting Gays.

Still, there's some good news for David Limbaugh - Senator Craig apparently isn't resigning as much as previously reported. According to Roll Call, they got a phone call that indicates that he is intent on fighting his "resignation."
Craig "opened the possibility of reversing his stated intention to resign from the Senate on Sept. 30 in a voice mail message obtained by Roll Call that the Idaho conservative inadvertently left at a wrong number.
That does seem to fit Craigs pattern. Admit to a crime then deny your admission. Resign in disgrace than determine to stick around if you aren't actually disgraced.

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