Monday, September 24, 2007


Kevin McCullough's latest article is about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visiting ground central. As you might expect he's against it. He makes sure to mention his contention that Liberals are going to get you killed, but his real purpose is to encourage American Citizens to pick a fight with the Secret Service, who will be providing security for Ahmadinejad.
It's for all these reasons and a dozen more that he should not be allowed to set foot in our nation. Yet there is not much neither you nor I can do about that.

But we CAN physically prevent him from getting near ground zero - which at 7:08pm Saturday evening is still on his schedule at 10am Monday morning.

My idea on-air was 2700 bodies between him and the site. We lost that many in that place that fateful morning six years ago.

Join us?

If you love your nation, and hope for the defeat of our enemies - stand with us?
I love my nation, and yet I'm pretty sure this is a foolish idea. But I'm also a liberal, which means I'm going to get you killed. Apparently.

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