Saturday, June 04, 2005

Star Wars is pro Bush?

The Huffington Post has a lot of good posts, but you can't hit the ball out of the park all the time. This post, by Billy Kimbell, shows a certain antipathy towards the Star Wars films, but fails to entirely get their facts straight.
Finally, although Padme may lament the impending collapse of democracy, we should not forget that she herself if a princess and was once a queen, entitled to privilege and deference. Her children will be hereditary aristocrats, even if one of them, for a while, will be unaware of the fact. The retrograde allure of dukes and counts and princesses adds swash to Star Wars' buckle just as it explains the political appeal of Bush's campaign to repeal the Estate Tax.
OK, that's a bit goofy, since it's clear that Naboo has an elected monarchy. The term Queen is more or less synonemous with President, as near as I can tell.

Of course, I get the sense Mr. Kimbell would make fun of me for knowing the planet Padme came from, so maybe it's a wash. But I don't have to worry about that, as he explains at the end of his post.
Anyway, hopefully, the Huffington Post will rally geek legions to defend this idea and also to attack it and if it's already a cyberspace commonplace, then please accept my apologies in advance. I never read blogs except, of course, this one.

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