Friday, June 03, 2005

Round the Horn - Part 6.5% Feel Good Inc.

Listening to the new Gorillaz Album which is hella tight. Go buy it today.

Archy has some math fun for Dick Cheney, involving the phrase "last throes."

Mercury X23's Fantabulous Blog has some thoughts on posting the first commandment on public property.

Ricks's Cafe Americaine has a bit on Harry Potter and freedom of expression.

The News Blog (formally Steve Galliard's News Blog) has a piece on how the Southern Army was integrated. Or wasn't integrated.

First Draft has a story on military recruitment, grenades, and baseballs.

T. Rex's Guide to Life looks at his potential to intimidate.

The Podunt Press (previously Words on a Page) has some reactions to the revelation that Mark Felt is Deep Throat.

The Yellow Doggeral Democrat also has a reaction to this revelation, considering the possibilities.

And that's it for now. Maybe I'll be back later.

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