Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Monster Speaks

I just got a message from the Monster and I am bringing it to you unedited, once again by the directive of Senior management.
Hello this be the monster. Monster understand that there be some confusion as to the timing of some of the pictures taken during Monsters Trip. Monster want to say monster not aware of any wrong doing. Monster had some test pictures taken at scripps college the night before the tour. Monster never imagined that one of these pictures would be used in the final story. Monster shocked and saddened that such a mistake was made, but monster places the blame on Bryant. Surely the management of Make me a Commentator would never make such a mistake. Monster think such a mistake could only come from Bryant.

Monster apologize for his role in this terrible incident.
Monster taking sabbatical to think about situation.
I have to say I find the Monster's words baffling, but I am not allowed to editorialize on this situation.

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