Friday, June 24, 2005

Round the Horn - Rookies 2005

We've apparently looked over the Liberal Coalition Lineup and seen some positions that need some shoring up. So we've added a few new players to the roster over there on the right. Let's take a look at them.

Dodecahedron delivers a might right cross with a bit about science films and how some apparently believe they are corrupting the minds of our young people.

firedoglake clears the bar with ease with some thoughts on Senator Durbin's comments and a comparison of how Democrats and Republicans deal with being attacked.

Liberty Street hits a drive to deep left field with a post about Karl Roves comments and the reaction from the internet.

Science and Politics gets out of the penalty box with an article about a real dope, who apparently can't tell a liberal protest from a conservative protest (sorry about the Penalty Box - it's the only specfically Hocky reference I could think of (I'm from Florida)).

Welcome to Gilead makes a hoop shot from the mid court with a post on Dominionist Television. He also asks a provacitive question of Liberal money men.

Of course some of our older players can still wollop the ball pretty good too.

Scoring a field goal with a brilliant piece about Flag Burning which references The American President, is Musings Musings (they and The Invisible Library have recently changed sites, so I hope I have updated the links correctly).

Hitting one of those tricky lobs where the ball kinds of spins up in the sun and you swing at it and miss by two feet is Bark Bark Woof Woof with some thoughts on David Brooks spinning like a top.

Corrente wobbles a tricky snorter with a story about a recent protest that didn't go all that well.

Bloggg, breaking the tape moments before competitors, writes about the decision of the House to restore funding to public broadcasting.

Respectful of Otters makes a fient and then lunges in to score the point with an article on Men, Rapists, and Feminism that I urge all to read and consider.

Finally, hitting it out of the park, we have All Facts and Opinions with some thoughts about Fathers and Fathers Day.

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