Monday, June 20, 2005

Monster Visit Jay and Bobs Secret Stash

Monster visit Jay and Bobs Secret Stash. It not so secret. It right on the street where anybody can come in. See, Monster make it inside without any difficulty.

Monster think store is pretty neat with lots of cool futuristic geegaws but not so much raw gazelle. Monster guess owners worried that raw gazelle would ruin the comics. Humans very fastidious about their painted pictures. That not the monster way.

Monster think store is pretty neat, though. Monster try to put on wings, but store people say nobody is allowed to try on the wings except Ben Affleck. Monster say I am Ben Affleck, but they say they know better. So monster bite store clerk on the knee. Monster very hungry, but not bite hard. But they kick monster out of store anyway.

Anyway the store is pretty neat for those of you who can put up with fastidious humans.

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