Monday, June 06, 2005

Hannity and Turner

The Nation has an article tracing the career of a frequent caller (named Hal Turner) to the Sean Hannity show. I'm not sure about these kinds of articles, by the way. In a way it's guilt by association; Hannity has nuts call him so he must be a nut to. In another way, Hannity chooses to argue or disagree with people that call in, and, at least according to this article, he usually didn't challenge or correct Mr. Turner nor did he keep him from appearing on his program.

The article posits that Mr. Hannity needed Turner to connect with a certain segment of his audience while maintaining personal deniability.

Mr. Turner has some interesting opinions. For one thing he praises the killing of illegal aliens suggesting that if enough illegal aliens die they won't want to come to the United States anymore. He also argues that without the graciousness of the White Man, "black people would still be swinging on trees in Africa." So that's nice.

Eventually Turner turned out to be a liability to Hannity who stopped taking his calls. Fortunately Turner got a shortwave radio station and so still has a venue in which he can spread his particular brand of hatred.

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