Monday, June 20, 2005

Monster make Environmental Point

Monster know this no be normally a site for site seeing travelogues. Normally this be a site where Bryant complains about things that no make much difference. So monster will continue in the same tradition by complaining about things that do make a difference.

Monster travel all over Los Angeles and he not see one Gazelle. Where are the Gazelles? Monster look all over. Under cars and over buildings and in trees, but there be not one gazelle anywhere!

Monster say look at those hills. Those are beautiful grayish yellow hills with stuff for gazelles to eat. There should be hundreds of gazelles leaping over those hills, but monster not see even one gazelle. This is a shame.

Gazelles be delicious. And they are good for the environment. You happy when you have a gazelle around. You know you are not going hungry. So Monster advocate the adoption of a gazelle based economy for Southern California. Monster hear big chief of California a strong man. So monster will go and see him to present my pro-gazelle agenda.

Monster say he be back later for big wrap up.

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